Our Purpose

To create a place for children simply to be children and have fun.

To build a safe, functional environment for play, sport, art and educational activities and to provide a well-run and innovative community centre to make a difference in the lives of those who use it.

We believe that children should have a place to play and grow. We also believe that skills are critical for economic and social welfare. So apart from a space to play, we are planning and implementing projects that will contribute to skills and awareness for both children and adults.

We are examining different ideas and plans – including after school and agricultural projects and knitting and sewing programmes amongst others. Essentially, we want to use the Centre as a platform to build successes out of many and any, big and small ideas collaborations.

The design intended for the Field of Dreams precinct is HUGE! We began with a “blue skies” approach to keep focused on a big vision.

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